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Cal Pacific Systems, where our motto is "We Make It Together", places a high priority on its number one asset, its team members.

At Cal Pacific Systems we are committed to continuously improving a workplace safety and health program for our team members, subcontractors, clients and the community. Management at all levels strive to make safety and health a core organizational value that establishes valuable program goals and objectives while providing support and resources to all. The primary goal of a safety first culture aims to improve the quality of life for its members and their families.

We promote Safety and Health throughout our operations by:

  • Training our team members to recognize and effectively control hazardous, unsafe workplace conditions.

  • Implementing safe work practices throughout every task to stay in compliance with local laws.

  • Empowering all of our team members to speak up and report unsafe situations without the fear of reprisal.

  • Trusting team members to understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy work place and be held accountable for their behaviors.

  • Providing frequent and regular feedback so that concerns and suggestions are heard and addressed.

  • Continually examining the health and safety program to identify opportunities for improvement.

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